Pilates in Hackney

If you ask me,  I think it’s not easy to find a good place for Pilates courses in London today, especially in East London. I don’t know how many gyms I checked out during the last few months preparing for my annual “spring fitness binge”.

To me it looks that there is ever more of those giant gym chains popping up in the capital these days.

This in itself wouldn’t be bad if this just wouldn’t also mean that quality and friendliness have also rapidly gone down, as I see it. It’s really as simple as that the cheaper the gym is, the worse is what they offer.

Would you believe that I have been in several gyms recently where they didn’t even have someone on site that could give you tips when you do your exercise? This is what you’re getting is the fitness industry is overrun by large companies that fight each other for the cheapest memberships.

Now, back to my search for the best place for Pilates. Obviously, it didn’t take long until I realised that I’m only choosing one of the few remaining smaller gyms where I know that the people there are committed to their customers. This also means friendly service and most of the time better equipment and on also a much better selection on fitness courses.

For my Pilates I found London Fields fitness in Hackney one of the best gyms I’ve been to recently. Possibly the best location in East London for Pilates in Hackney, if you ask me.

If you happen to be from the area, feel free to add to this list if you know of any other good gyms where they still care for their customers!

Camping in Style


There are still people out there who think that “camping” is merely something for those who cannot afford a “real” vacation and that camping overall would mean lots of stress and hassles.

I am sure those people have never seen one of the modern super campers like in the picture above. RVs and camper vans today can be so impressive and luxurious that they might make your grand home at home look like a shack in comparison. Depending on the size of your wallet you can well spend a fortune on a RV but then will get luxury in exchange that sure is worthy for an Arabian Oil Sheik.

A gold-plated bath tub and whirlpool? No problem! Several big-screen TVs built into the wall? Sure! A bathroom made from the finest Italian marble? You can have it if you want! Heck, if you have the change you can even get a camper van with a built in garage for one of your Ferraris that you can take with you on your travels!

Obviously, for most of us, our budget is far below so that we likely won’t ever be able to afford such an indulgence but this doesn’t mean that a “normal” camping van for mortals would be less van, excuse the pun, fun!

For little money you can get a decent VW camper that will have everything you need for a cool vacation. I am talking about a built-in kitchen, a washroom, a sleeping place and so forth.

The cool thing, in my opinion is that camping gives you almost limitless freedom. If you don’t like one place you can leave and go to the next one if you like. You are not reliant on hotels in overcrowded tourist spots. You can see the wonders of the world and places that your average tourist will never see.

For me, camping is the best way to travel and I wouldn’t exchange any Hotel’s King’s suite for it!


Apprenticeships To Get Your Dream Job

Finding a good job today can be a major hassle, this fact is certainly not news for most of us. For fresh graduates, getting into a desired career right after school can be in particular difficult. The reason is simply that graduates do not have any type of job experience and this is what employers today are looking for when they screen potential applicants.

apprenticeships-in-businessObviously and needless to say, this fact creates a paradoxical situation since a fresh graduate by definition cannot have job experience, well, they just finished school and are now starting out with their search on the open job market.

However, today’s employers tend to be so picky they do not really care about this paradox situation in which jobseekers find themselves.

So what can you do if you happen to be a graduate in the UK who wants  to get into a career as fast as possible?

My tip here is that you should consider an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship has several advantages as opposed to looking for a full-time job right once you’re finished with school.

It is there, during your apprenticeship where you can acquire invaluable first-hand experience. With this experience on your CV you can surely make an impression on any future potential employer. What’s even better is the fact that many apprentices in the United Kingdom are ultimately getting hired full-time. This means that you have quite good chances to get into a company once your apprenticeship concludes. This can be an invaluable tip for all those want to get into a particular company. Ask them for apprenticeship vacancies! They may not hire for full-time positions but may gladly take you on as an apprentice and then hire you nevertheless following your apprenticeship.


Gadgets for Increased Fire Safety

If you are the owner of a home or business you will at some point need to think about your fire safety.

AnsulFor residential homes, implementing good measures to protect yourself and your families from fires isn’t a big deal.

You can get easy to use smoke detectors and fire extinguishers at many places today.

If you install a smoke detector on each level of your home in particular in those errors that are prone to fires such as your kitchen, basement, workshop et cetera you can actually protect your home against fires very easily and affordably.

On the other hand, installing the proper fire protection devices when it comes to commercial structures can be a lot more complex. A simple smoke detector won’t do seeing that the United Kingdom has strict fire safety laws that you need to follow as a business owner.

The first consideration here is always the type of business and building where you want to install a fire protection system. Needless to say, while, say a sprinkler system may work for some premises it could be disastrous for others where the water would ultimately cause more damage than a fire. Think about offices or warehouses filled with high-tech equipment and machinery where a sprinkler system would be a rather poor choice for extinguishing a fire.

Another area that deserves special attention when it comes to fire prevention would be commercial kitchens. There will be additional requirements for such locations such as that the extinguishing agent used cannot be toxic and that hot cooking equipment needs to be cooled off to prevent re-flashing of fires. This is were special fire suppression systems such as the Ansul kitchen suppression system come in helpful.

If you want to learn more about range of Ansul extinguishers including the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system can find more information at the Argos Fire Ltd. website. Your local fire brigade can also help you if you have any questions about fire safety.

Taking Time Out

Golf Holidays Italy

It’s great to be busy, working hard and playing hard etc. but you still need to balance that with some personal down-time. At Notitious, we find that we fall into two categories; there are a few of us who prefer to take their relaxation like little and often, and the rest of us who like less frequent but much longer time out to properly chill out and recharge.

If you’re one of those people who prefers to take longer time-outs, you might well find (like myself) that the first couple of days off are great as you start winding down – but then you start to get a bit bored.

The key to finding the perfect middle ground is to organise something that’s not too intensive to keep ticking over throughout the week, for example; golf.

Now, I know it’s got a reputation as a bit of an old man’s game – but it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend among us younger guys to book golf holidays,  for a long weekend or even a whole week at a time. The reason it’s taking off is simply because it forces you to get away from the pressures of work and home, and at the same time it keeps you just about active enough to enjoy the time off.

Take a look online – there are plenty of places offering golf breaks in France, Italy and throughout Europe. You can take your pick from the slow placed fully catered luxurious accommodation with chauffeur driven golf carts and canapés on the green, all the way through to more intensive tournaments where you simply don’t get the chance to worry about how things are going back at the office.

Some Tips For Fitness In 2015

As is so often the case when a year is still young, people are now very motivated when it comes to doing something for their health and fitness. It’s those months of January and February where quite a lot of folks are venturing out to sign up with fitness gyms all over the UK, mainly and often because of the one or the other pound gained over the holidays and the sudden realization that spring is actually not that far around the corner.

On the other hand, many folks now looking to do something for their bodily health and fitness means also that lot of them make mistakes on their journey. One of the most often made mistakes here is when it comes to finding a suitable gym.

In a time where people need to watch their spending it is not surprising that for most of us costs are one major factor. People more often than not simply choose the gym with the lowest membership fees. But this is where the problems may start.

A gym should be much more than getting a membership card that will allow you access to their premises and equipment. What use has the gym if you don’t know about the right exercise or happen to be unfamiliar with this or that exercise equipment where you don’t know how to use it effectively? In a worst-case scenario you may end up with a gym membership that won’t benefit you whatsoever.

It is for those above reasons that you should always check out a gyms offers beforehand and not just look at the price of their membership. Some fitness studios and gyms may offer personal trainer’s while others won’t. Then there are those gyms where they offer training courses in addition. Such classes can be especially recommended since they can be fun and highly motivational. And of course there will always be a qualified trainer nearby.

If you happen to live in or near Hackney in London, my personal recommendation is the London fields gym Hackney. Their membership is very reasonable and I especially like their great selection on fitness classes. So if you’re looking for Pilates in Hackney and other fitness classes, you should check them out!

Cool Golf Cart Accessories

Many guys love golf and I am no exception there!

As someone who loves gadgets I obviously cannot be on the green without either my iPhone or whatever other hip gadget I can find such as my SkyGolf tracker which I really love.

The Skygolf Handheld GPS

The Skygolf Handheld GPS

The SkyGolf Handheld GPS Tracker is a really nice golf cart accessory I cannot be without anymore. This handly little SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX GPS receiver allows you to play golf conveniently so you can find your way around unknown routes.

It features an easy to read, 3-inch transflective TFT-LCD screen that offers precise readings of the distance to the greens, lakes, lay-up points, and lots more on this golf GPS navigator.

It also has an omni-directional antenna which means that the SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX GPS receiver can lock onto satellites even under tree cover.

Once you get this neat little gadget you obviously want another cool golf cart accessory right away, the right GPS Device Mount for the tracker on your golf cart!

Golf Cart GPS Mount

Simple But Useful Golf Cart GPS Mount

Today you can get a simple but useful mount for your GPS device so you can quickly attach it to your golf cart.

There are mounts and holders available if you look for golf cart accessories, some are specific for the SkyGolf but you can also get some models that can hold your iPhone as well.




Two Cool Must-Haves

Who doesn’t like gaming?

Most guys like gaming although there’s the age-old debate amongst PC gamers and those who love consoles. Nevertheless, today I have two cool gadgets which I’d consider a must-have whether you like gaming on your PC or your PS4 or X-One.

The first one is the Logitech G 930 Dolby 7.1 Wireless headset. This one is considered one of the best, if not the best gaming headset you can get today.

The Logitech G930 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Headset

The Logitech G930 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Headset

What’s special about it is that a) it’s entirely wireless which means you won’t get  bothered by annoying cabling while you game or when attend a call via Skype and b) that it is a Dolby 7.1 channel headset which means you get full immersion into modern games unlike you can get with any other headset today. When you ever tried out this cool headset you will never want anything else, take my word!

The second cool tech gadget for today is something truly useable if you travel a lot and don’t want to be without your XONE or Xbox 360 wherever you go.

It’s the Gaems Vanguard Console Carrying Case

The Gaems Vanguard Console Carrying Case

The Gaems Vanguard Console Carrying Case

Gaems really outdid themselves with this amazing case because it’s so much than just a carrying case for your console.

It has a built-in HD monitor and speakers and you can get customized versions for your very own console too.

This is a great accessory to take your console wherever you go and it’s for sure a great eye-catcher with it’s super-cool design!


Horse Racing for Dummies

Horse Racing Tips

Most young guys like the idea of the occasional chance on a horse every now and then, just for fun and a bit of extra pocket money. It’s exciting to watch a horse race, and even more fun when you can keep tabs on how much your winning compared to your mates. In fact, horse racing is fascinating to study in itself. There are so many variables to look at which determine how likely a horse is to win, and what the odds on that horse will be. So how you do make sense of all the information that’s out there and then transfer that into putting money on a horse? The answer is actually very simple – you ask an expert.

Finding a seasoned professional with a decent track record who is also willing to give you some solid horse racing tips can be difficult, so our advice is to do some research online.

Things To Look For

A well established track record. A really good gambler will likely have made the headlines in the past with their winnings, which make them easy to track down and verify for yourself.

Free horse racing tips. Honest tipsters usually provide a few freebies on their site each day so you can see how accurate their suggestions are over a couple of weeks

An explanation of why they tip a particular horse. If they don’t mention why they back a particular horse, go somewhere else. Anyone can draw names out of a hat.

A subscription scheme. This is essential as it keeps them accountable to all their existing customers. It also means you are likely to get more frequent and detailed tips which will improve your winnings.

A great example of this is www.horseracingpro.co.uk

Keep In Mind – It can be addictive

Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget before you start and stick to it, no excuses.

Bet with friends. It will be much easier to keep a clear head, and there is so much more scope for fun.

Keep it lighthearted. This should be an occasional bit of fun, not a daily commute to the bookies!

If you’re not having fun, STOP! Irrelevant of whether you are winning or losing.

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