If you’re still looking for classy musical entertainment for your upcoming holiday party, whether it’s your company’s Christmas get-together or maybe your own family occasion, how about surprise entertainment?

You don’t know what surprise entertainment is? Let me explain.

You may possibly know The Singing Waiters, the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainment act. These guys are often booked for occasions such as weddings or a birthday would a perform their popular singing waiters act. It’s called “surprise entertainment” because they are usually disguised as waiters so that no one from the guests knows that there even they are. Until it’s their time to start with the show of course.

But of course you can get the Singing Waiters not just for weddings! Even in the holiday season, comes Christmas and many company and corporate events going on, the Singing Waiters can be a good choice if you need quality musical entertainment. If you want to learn more about the singing waiters you can check them out on their website and read their blog.